How We Work

Family Fresh delivers predetermined fresh produce boxes to various locations in and around the greater Houston area. Our produce selections are based on current market conditions at the grower level and are chosen for quality, taste and seasonal variety. To ensure best pricing, we procure from many different growing areas. Some of our products are local and/or certified organic, and we always support Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Good Handling Practices (GHP) certified growers who are third party inspected for proper food safety practices. 

Easy Steps to Follow to becoming a Family Fresh 'Freshie':

  • From your computer or through the mobile app; select your Family Fresh location.
  • Place your order by 5pm the Wednesday before the produce date. (check website for the most current and accurate pick up and delivery locations, dates & times.)
  • On Family Fresh Produce Day; if you are picking up your share, bring your receipt or confirmation number and we'll have your pre-purchased box ready to go! 
  • Start cooking immediately or refrigerate to enjoy later with your family, friends and neighbors!


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